Approvals: CE approved under PPE regulation EU 2016/425, Category III

Design Feature: Zipper fastens to underside of chin; 3-piece hood; Elasticated wrists;

Fully elasticated waist; Ample crotch; Elasticated ankles;

Storage and Disposal:

Store in dry, clean conditions in original packaging within the temperature range 15°C to 25°C (58°F to 78°F) and with relative  humidity below 80%.

Store away from direct sunlight, sources of high temperature, and solvent vapors.

Shelf life is 60 months from date of manufacture when stored as stated above.

Handle and dispose of contaminated garments with care and in accordance with national regulations.

Application: Asbestos, Grinding, Hazardous Dust, Metal Polishing, Powder Coating, Sand Blasting

Technical Data: The table beside shows the performance tested under laboratory conditions. Please note that tests may not reflect the reality of use and do not account for factors such as excessive heat and mechanical wear.


1 piece per PE bag

50 pieces per carton